Case Study: Community Ties at the St. Leon Wind Energy Project


In 2006, we commissioned our first wind energy generating facility, in St. Leon, Manitoba.¬†At the time, the 104 MW project was Canada’s largest wind farm. Throughout the development of this project we built close relationships with local residents and businesses. This allowed us to seamlessly expand the capacity of the facility, adding an additional 10 wind turbines, or 16.5 MW of capacity, in 2012.

The St. Leon community welcomed the expansion with full support, participating in a groundbreaking ceremony where local residents shared in the celebration. On a larger scale, St. Leon Wind Energy has a significant economic impact on the community through job creation, municipal taxes, an annual community contribution to the town, and income for landowners through land lease payments and revenue sharing.

Our commitment to the people of St. Leon, and their commitment to wind energy as a long-term source of clean renewable energy, creates a partnership that will continue to produce positive social and economic outcomes well into the future.