Resource Efficiency


“It’s our job to provide the energy and water that our customers need. It’s our customers’ job to use only what they need.”

– Greg Sorensen, President, Liberty Utilities – Arizona and Texas

Energy Education

Our energy education and outreach programs proactively communicate the importance of energy efficiency in the communities we serve. We participate in community activities and events; promote energy education opportunities to school districts, trade, and business professionals; work with local agencies to help coordinate customer outreach programs; and communicate regularly and transparently with local media. At public education events, we share information about home and facility energy audits and informative tips about electric and thermal energy savings options.


Energy Audits and Rebates

Our distribution group offers customer incentives to invest in energy efficiency through audits and technical assessments, financing, and rebate programs. These programs include compact fluorescent and LED bulbs, energy efficient appliances, controls, heating, water heating and cooling systems, and weatherization measures, among others. Since our vision is to be the most admired utility by our customers and regulators, we aim to go above and beyond what is required to deliver these programs.

The total energy saved in these programs is equivalent to over 174,000 MMBtus, or the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from 2,632 passenger vehicles.

2012 Highlights:

California Electric Utility

  • Achieved 1946 MWh or 97.3% of our energy savings goal
  • Committed more than $400,000 on energy efficiency efforts
  • Provided 358 free energy efficiency audits to customers
  • Connected directly with more than 1,148 of its customers through events, meetings, and presentations where customers could discuss energy efficiency with company representatives

Granite State Electric

  • Achieved 104% of our goal by generating 5,643 MWh of annual energy savings, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 765 New Hampshire households
  • 7,595 participants in the program
  • Invested $1,473,400 in efficiency programs

EnergyNorth Natural Gas

  • Achieved 125% of our annual energy savings goal by achieving over 148,000 MMBtu’s of energy savings, or the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from 2,239 passenger vehicles
  • 3,214 participants in the program
  • Invested $6,226,170 in efficiency programs

Water Management

We are proud of our water management practices. Each year, we:

  • Provide consumer education through workshops in our communities and additional awareness programs to children through local schools
  • Arrange for master gardeners to meet with customers at community events and advise on how to manage landscapes for lower water use
  • Educate customers on water meters and provide meter education and tips, including how customers can check for leaks
  • Provide free landscape audits that look at irrigation timers, potential overwatering, or unusual patterns in a customer’s landscape