Protecting Biodiversity


It is our responsibility to protect animal and plant biodiversity wherever we operate. Here are a few examples of our biodiversity approach, and what we do to mitigate the impact our operations could have on the environment.

Cornwall Solar Project

This solar project is located in an abandoned quarry near Cornwall, Ontario. An environmental assessment in compliance with Ontario regulations, and according to the provincial Renewable Energy Approval and Endangered Species Act, identified the Bobolink bird and Butternut tree as at-risk species. We partnered with Ducks Unlimited Canada and Raison Region Conservation Authority to provide mitigation programs for these species. A partnership with Eastern Ontario Model Forest is also in effect to replace forestry habitat. Both programs are funded by the Company and are monitored by our partner organizations. We regularly report program status to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Red Lily Wind Energy Project

Following construction of the Red Lily Wind Project in southeastern Saskatchewan, we conducted a two-year monitoring program for birds and bats, as proposed to the Provincial Ministry of Environment during the environmental impact assessment process. The results showed bird and bat mortality rates at Red Lily are comparable to those at other wind farms within Saskatchewan and throughout North America. We also voluntarily undertook a pre-construction and post-construction sound assessment. This assessment report and the data collected found no serious impact regarding sound related to the Red Lily Project.