At the Forefront of Clean Energy


Our commitment to clean energy is a long-term investment in our core business success. Our renewable energy generation through run-of-river hydro, wind, and solar are inherently sustainable and continue to deliver social and market benefits in the communities where we operate.

We constantly examine new opportunities to increase efficiencies within our own operations while empowering our customers to be more efficient in their own energy and water use. But our commitment to Environmental Sustainability does not stop there.

Environmental Management

Beyond Compliance: Our ‘Zero Tolerance’ Mindset

We strive to surpass local and national license-to-operate requirements when it comes to environmental management. Our goal is to ensure that we comply with all environmental regulations, which is an extension of our local, responsive, and caring culture. We do not rely on regulators to monitor our compliance; rather, we build an employee culture that values leading social and environmental standards.

Our Future Depends on our Current Reputation

Next to our people, the quality of our relationship with communities across North America is our most important asset and competitive advantage. We embrace our environmental responsibility through tree planting programs, threatened species relocations, and wetlands management strategies. We encourage new communities and regulators to look to our track record when evaluating the kind of partner they can expect in us.