Sustainable Business Growth


Algonquin Power & Utilities continues to grow through:

  • An expanding pipeline of renewable power and clean energy
    development projects
  • Acquisitions and organic growth within the regulated
    distribution utilities
  • Investment in emerging transmission opportunities

Potential investment opportunities include:

  • Hydroelectric, wind, and solar generating facilities
  • Regulated water, electricity, and natural gas distribution utilities
  • Electricity and natural gas transmission assets

In the generation business, we are focused on acquiring and developing clean, renewable power facilities with long-term power purchase agreements that promise stable and transparent financial results. Continuing growth in the generation business can be achieved by building contracted power development projects that represent more than $1 billion in potential investment opportunities.

In the distribution business, we are focused on acquiring regulated transmission and distribution utilities in supportive regulatory environments that contribute to steady, long-term growth. This growth can be achieved through acquisitions and organic growth opportunities within the portfolio that represent more than $1 billion in potential investment opportunities.

Three-Year Growth Achievements



  • Completed construction of a 10 MW solar power facility in Ontario
  • Acquired a 20 MW solar power development project in California
  • Signed a 25-year power purchase agreement with SaskPower for a 177 MW wind facility
  • Acquired a 400 MW portfolio of wind generating facilities in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois
  • Acquired a 109.5 MW wind generating facility in Illinois


  • Acquired New England natural gas distribution utility
  • Acquired New Hampshire electricity and natural gas distribution utilities
  • Acquired Missouri, Illinois and Iowa natural gas distribution utilities
  • Acquired Arkansas water distribution utility
  • Acquired Georgia natural gas distribution utility