Our Employees


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a cornerstone of our success. As the organization continues to grow, our annual employee engagement survey helps us understand and track how well we are meeting the expectations of our people.

Our 2013 employee survey had an impressive 85% participation rate. Survey results drive company-wide initiatives that continue to improve the workplace experience for all employees.

The survey provides timely and critical employee feedback. Survey results are reviewed and shared in focus groups to help raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and develop solutions for the most common themes.

Highlights of our employee engagement surveys include:

  • Annual turnover at 5% or lower, which is within industry averages
  • Corporate Responsibility is closely aligned with job satisfaction
  • Change management poses a challenge for some due to the fast-paced growth of the organization
  • Employees across the company feel positively about the entrepreneurial culture

Delivering World-Class Workplace Safety


We place tremendous attention and significance on employee safety. We routinely implement, monitor, and refine industry leading safety practices. To implement best practices and continue improving our policies, we track leading and lagging indicators of safety performance – patterns that strongly correlate with both positive and negative outcomes in the workplace. These measures are proactive in nature and report what employees are doing, and not doing, on a regular basis to prevent injuries.

Our approach to safety focuses on engaging staff to create a safe working environment, to develop systems that support safe work, to be proactive when it comes to potential safety concerns, and to manage risks through appropriate controls at every level of the organization.

The Company employs a “Drive to Zero” program, with a goal of having no recordable or lost time injuries. We believe all accidents are preventable. We assess our safety practices on an ongoing basis, using data to continually update and improve our practices.

We also use the Dupont-Bradley Curve* as a key benchmarking tool. We believe workplace safety is a proactive, team-based, interdependent process where all accidents are preventable if our people work together as a group.

Zero lost time injuries is our goal, and we know this goal is achievable. In September of 2013, our generation business celebrated 365 days without a lost time injury for the second year in a row.

* The Dupont-Bradley Curve is a proprietary health and safety (H&S) process developed by the Dupont chemical company which recognizes several stages of H&S management. The Curve moves from the early “reactive” stage, where H&S is managed as incidents occur, to the latter stages where incidents are prevented.