Sustainability is in our DNA

Renewable power, community focused utilities, and an empowered workforce are core to our business. That is why Algonquin Power & Utilities has grown into a diversified utility company with a portfolio of nearly $4 billion in generation, transmission and distribution assets in generation, transmission and distribution across North America. We invest in hydroelectric, wind, and solar power facilities, and in sustainable water, electricity, and natural gas transmission and distribution utility businesses.

The business has grown over the last 17 years to generate annual revenues of more than $675 million in 2013. We continue to expand our presence in North America, extending our expertise in the regulated utilities sector and diversifying our non-regulated generation portfolio. Our financial strength, diversified business mix, and sustainable energy platform make us well-positioned for continued success well into the future.

Business Snapshot

Our subsidiary businesses generated $675 million in revenues in 2013, employing 1,200 people in 14 states and six provinces.

  • Our Generation business develops, acquires and operates hydro, wind, solar and thermal power generation facilities in the United States and Canada.
  • Our Distribution and Transmission businesses acquire, invest in, and operate regulated water, waste water, natural gas, and electric utilities in the United States.